Price: $800

State: Florida
City: Tampa
Zip code: 33625
Type: Pets

Maltese have origins in Malta as far back as the 14th century. They are a hearty little companion dog with a luxurious, silky white coat that hangs straight to the ground. They are a spirited, lively, playful, gentle and loving breed. These dogs are bold and quick to sound the alarm at anything suspicious. They enjoy regular walks or sessions of frolicking in the park. Daily brushing and combing of the long coat is essential, but be gentle as the coat is very soft. maltese weigh approximately 4-7 lbs.
The maltese dog is the perfect dog to own if you live in an apartment. They are very active indoors and will do just fine even if you do not own a yard. They will just love to go for a walk with you though. The life expectancy of a Maltese is approximately 15 years. Many maltese dogs have lived until they are 18 years old.
All of our puppies come pre-spoiled! They are pampered from their earliest puppyhood. Our Maltese puppies believe that the world has been invented for their entertainment. Our puppies come with a Health Guarantee on congenital and hereditary defects that would make the puppy unsuitable as a pet for the first year of their life.
We offer only the best purebred AKC Maltese puppies for sale in central Florida. All of our Maltese babies are bred in our loving home in North Tampa, FL. We are determined to help families like yours, find the puppy of your dreams. All of our puppies are exquisitely beautiful with black points and teddy bear faces. If you have any general questions about the maltese breed, or specific questions about our puppies, feel free to email me at Email Me Here . We are a loving family with a deep passion to the maltese breed. You can call or text me at 813-638- if I do not answer, please leave a message. She is 800 with limited registration and with full registration.