State: Florida
City: Tampa
Zip code: 33615
Type: Pets

We have recently moved at the beginning of this month. Our two cats are still at our old apartment until the lease runs out, but we absolutely can not have them here as my girlfriend was diagnosed with asthma, so her allergies to them set her off into attacks. We have until TUESDAY the 27th to find the homes and!
Both are boys and neutered. Both are great with other animals. One used to be indoor outdoor before we moved and would make a great mousing cat for outdoor pest control. They are very sweet and love people.
At this point we are absolutely lost as to what to do with them because we do not want them to be put down. Please contact me directly at 513-289- if interested in them.
The white one is a "yellow tabby" named Gulliver
The orange one is a turkish angora mix named Fire. He is the great outdoor one too if need be.